Monday, December 17, 2012

An Eye for an Eye (Frank McGill #2) Released

The second installment of the Frank McGill short stories is now available, for Kindle, through all Amazon sites, worldwide.  Here is a taster of the opening paragraph of the story.  If you want to read more then head over to Amazon and treat yourself.

Amazon UK
Amazon US

An Eye for an Eye

Frank McGill wasn't sure if it was the mixture of drugs and alcohol coursing through his system that was making him retch or the smell from the piss stained mattress he was sitting on but, in the ten minutes since he came to, he hadn't been able to stand up to get away from it. His blurred vision and the constant thud, thud, thud in his head were not helped by the glare of the naked bulb hanging from what was left of the plaster board ceiling. Through squinting eyes, he looked over at the body in the corner of the room. He didn't need to check if the man was alive or dead, the pool of blood staining the bare floorboards told him all he needed to know.

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