Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happily Never After

During the last Crime and Publishment event at The Mill Forge in Gretna, an interesting discussion started as everyone prepared to pitch their work to an agent.

Should we, a group of crime writers, put our heads together and produce a charity anthology of short stories?

A Lot of discussions ensued and we collectively decided to go for a theme of Crime and Marriage.

A great deal of work later, not least by Morgen Bailey and Janet Williamson who put the anthology together, the collection is now ready for you to buy for Kindle from Amazon. (iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Noble versions will follow).

The paperback is available here.

My story, "Fallout", is included amongst 21 other fantastic tales.

It's all for a great cause, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, so give it a try. Hope you enjoy.

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